RUMOUR: PS5 price could be higher than Xbox Series X price

Neither the Xbox Series X nor the PS5 has had their release date or price announced yet.

This is leading to an information vacuum that gets filled by whatever scraps of information we're lucky enough to receive.

That basically means that rumours and leaks are the best we can hope for at the moment, and this latest one is very interesting indeed.

It comes from a Reddit user called Dusk Golem, who Notebook Check have labelled a tipster, so take it with as much or as little salt as you'd like.

The Xbox Series X is going to be both better and cheaper than the PS5

The post reads "I'm not going to say too much, but from some murmurings I've been hearing, I'll just say I suspect this topic is going to age "interestingly" when a few more details on both platforms are revealed."

It continues on and Dusk Golem says "I mean this in a few more ways, but to give the broadest idea, I'll just say the Xbox X is by far more powerful than the PS5 if we're just talking raw power, multi-platform games will run better on Xbox X is something people are going to have to prepare themselves for."

The final nail in the coffin as they see it is "Add to this Microsoft are ready to lowball Sony when it comes to price. They can more easily make a sacrifice and get back profits from Game Pass than console sales than Sony can from that comparatively."

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How realistic is this?

A lot of this is simply logical or known information. We know that the Xbox Series X has more power than the PS5 on paper.

The key thing is how that power is utilised, but we'll know more about that when the consoles actually launch.

The other aspect here is the cost. We already know that Sony and Microsoft seem to be playing the world's longest game of chicken when it comes to announcing the price of the next-gen.

This could be for several reasons, but given everything that Microsoft has been doing up until this point, it does seem a lot like they're waiting to be able to undercut Sony. It's a strange situation, but its certainly more intriguing than the one at the beginning of the current-gen.

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