Rumour: Could GTA 6 be a timed exclusive on PS5?

With Sony going all-out to lockdown exclusive content in the face of Microsoft's seemingly superior console and services, what other games could they have in their crosshairs?

Locking down a big third-party title can really help to drive sales, and whether you think exclusivity and timed-exclusivity are good for the consumer or not, there's no denying that it helps sales figures.

Well, according to a video by Foxy Games UK, Sony could be going after a true titan of a franchise.

Could this be true though, or could it actually be nothing more than a rumour?

GTA 6 could be a timed exclusive for PS5

According to the video, Sony and Rockstar are currently negotiating a big deal that could lead to Grand Theft Auto 6 being a timed-exclusive for PS5.

Apparently it'll only be for 30 days, but it's still a potentially massive win for Sony if it's true.

Even a small window like this could influence people's decisions on which console to buy if the announcement came early enough.

However, as this isn't an official announcement, it should be treated as no more than a rumour at the moment. That being said, you might be wondering whether or not it could happen.

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Is this realistic?

The short answer to this is yes. It's quite likely that Sony will be doing everything they can to hold onto all of the advantages they had with the current-gen of consoles.

However, they're looking almost fragile in the face of things like Smart Delivery, Game Pass, and the sheer power of the Xbox Series X.

So, it makes sense that Sony would be seeking deals like this out to try and encourage people to continue on with a Sony console.

The other side of things is Rockstar, this is where things get complicated. If they did do this, it would certainly lead to some complaints, but equally, nobody is going to actually boycot GTA 6, so it might not even matter.

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