Rocket League: How to fix Error Communicating with Servers on Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation

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Is the Rocket League error communicating with servers issue plaguing your rocket-powered football experience?

Since its launch, Rocket League has become an enormously popular arcade-style game around the world. Whatever your platform, you may have encountered a pesky little problem with an error communicating with servers.


We'll take a look at what it means, and what options you can try to get around it.

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What causes Rocket League Error Communicating With Servers?

As with many online games that rely on central servers, connection problems cause a number of issues on Rocket League. As well as the Error Communicating with Servers, users may see variations on this theme, such as:

  • You are currently not connected to the Rocket League servers
  • Not logged in to Rocket League Servers
  • No servers online, please try again later

Generally, these are all caused by similar issues. Namely, that there is a communication breakdown between the players' system, and the game servers. These connectivity problems can be caused by a number of different issues, such as a bad internet connection, a server not working, other devices competing for bandwidth, to highlight a few. So what, if anything, can be done to address this, should it happen to you?

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How to fix the Error Communicating with Servers PC

Thankfully, Psyonix have created a very thorough troubleshooting guide, in case you are experiencing these issues. They suggest the following:


This is a very comprehensive list of possible fixes for your PC. Work down the list, as it is in order of what seems to most commonly resolve server communication errors.

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How to fix the Error Communicating with Servers Xbox

As with the PC, Psyonix have plenty of solutions to try to circumvent this error. Work down the list, as they are in order of the most effective remedies:


How to fix the Error Communicating with Servers PlayStation

There are a number of possible fixes that Psyonix has suggested for PlayStation users who are encountering this error. As above, it is advisable to work through these in order, as they are listed with the most common fixes first.


How to fix the Error Communicating with Servers Switch

Last, and by no means least, is a list of possible remedies for the Nintendo Switch, starting with the most effective:

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If nothing seems to work

While these are pretty comprehensive lists, if you continue to struggle with this error, you can submit a support ticket here. You will need to log in to do so, but it's worth doing in the unlikely event that nothing else has worked. But follow these tips for your platform, and we're sure you'll be back blasting your way around the...field? Car park? Industrial wasteland? In no time.


What Causes The Error Communicating with Servers?

As you can see from the range of potential fixes, there are several reasons why this error might arise. But generally, it comes down to connectivity problems, which prevent the servers from successfully communicating with your device.

The best thing to do is work your way through the range of fixes we've outlined, and hopefully, you'll find at least one that resovles the issue for you.