Rocket League Error Code 67: How to Fix 'Connection To Server Timed Out' Issue

Rocket League Error Code 67 is easily in our top 70 most annoying error codes. Rocket League is enormously popular, but it's annoying when you are told that your connection to the server timed out, leaving you stuck with no vehicle based ball game to play. So in an effort to get you back on track, here is what we know about Rocket League Error Code 67, and how to overcome it.

How to fix Rocket League Error Code 67

As with other, similar errors, the first thing to do when you encounter error code 67 is to check the server status for the game. You can find out if there are any ongoing issues by checking the Rocket League Twitter Feed. It's also worth looking to see if there are issues with the platform you are using. For PlayStation users, go here. If you are on Xbox, follow this link. If there is a server issue, then you need to wait until this is resolved, before you can start playing again.

But assuming the servers are all working as expected, what then? We;;, there are a number of possible fixes for this error:

  • Make sure you have completed any outstanding updates of either Rocket League, or your device.
  • On PC, make sure your firewall and antivirus aren't blocking the game.
  • Update your router firmware, and restart it.
  • In an effort to improve stability if you are on Wifi, it may be worth trying a wired connection.
  • You may also consider port forwarding. Instructions can be found here. But it's worth mentioning that Psyonix state that opening ports may pose a security risk.
Rocket League Error Code 67
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What causes Error Code 67?

Error Code 67 sits in the family of error codes that Psyonix describe as "Matchmaking Errors". We've covered another error from this group in a previous article. This specific error is accompanied by the message:

Beacon Time Out. Connection to server timed out. (Error: 67)

As a general principle, any error numbered between 50 and 90 has one of two causes: either an error caused by a server, or by the version of Rocket League you have on your platform. Or, occasionally, both. It can sometimes also be caused by a network issue at your end, stopping you from talking to the server. But once you've tried the fixes we outlined above, you'll be back scoring goals before know it.

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