Rocket League Error Code 42: How To Fix Error 42 on PS4, Xbox and Switch

The undoubted popularity of Rocket League is tempered slightly by the undoubted frustration when encountering errors, of which Error Code 42 is another example. It's an error which prevents players from actually playing the game online, whether that be in causal matches, or ranked.

Psyonix have at least recognised that this is an issue, and there are troubleshooting tips that you can follow, to try to mitigate the error. Let's take a look.

How to fix Rocket League Error Code 42

Because of the type of error which code 42 represents (we'll explain this more in a bit) the solutions are universal, and relatively simple:

  • According to Psyonix, the most common fix for error 42 is to simply restart your console.
  • You'll also want to make sure that you have strong internet connection. So do the usual checks - run a speed test, test other apps and other devices, and make sure you don't have lots of different apps competing for bandwidth. You can even consider switching to an ethernet connection if you are on WiFi.
  • If there is any indication that your internet connection might be experiencing problems, then restart your router.
  • Finally, check whether there are any issues with the Rocket League game servers.

There are some additional, console specific suggestions by Psyonix for fixing connectivity issues. Depending on whether you are on PS4, Xbox or Switch, these are worth exploring if the above were unsuccessful. The generally boil down to the following, in addition to what's already been discussed:

  • Check the status of the PSN or Xbox server
  • Make sure you aren't in a restricted region
  • Enable port forwarding
  • Use Google Public DNS
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What causes this Rocket League issue?

As the solutions above might have indicated, Error Code 42 is related to your connection to the game server. This is true of any error code in the 40s. Usually the connection will have failed or times out, to trigger this message.

If it is a connection error, then making sure your internet connection is working effectively is the best way to go about resolving the problem. It has been noted that Error Code 42 seems to spike in the periods just after there has been an update released. So this may also indicate a problem at the server end of the connection. In this situation, it really is a case of waiting for it to be resolved before you can resume playing.

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