Roblox Adopt Me Free Pets: How To Get Free Pets In Roblox Adopt Me Game

Roblox Adopt Me is one of the biggest, most popular games on the platform. People obviously love the idea of caring for animals, without any of the actual real-life work and responsibility. But it can be tempting to spend actual, real-world money in an effort to get more pets. Just in case you decide you don't want to do that, maybe because you would rather use that money for food or clothing, there are ways that you can get pets for free in Adopt Me. In this article, we'll tell you all aboutRoblox Adopt Me Free Pets.

How To Get Free Pets In Roblox Adopt Me Game

There are several methods at your disposal, for getting free pets on Adopt Me. We'll take a look at each of them in turn, with a bit more detail in a sec. But essentially, they boil down to one of three options:

  • The starter egg
  • Star rewards
  • Earning bucks

Occasionally, the game will offer free pets during time-limited events, such as at Easter, or Hallowe'en. And there are occasionally Roblox Adopt Me codes that are available to use on the game, to earn additional rewards. You can follow the official @PlayAdoptMe Twitter account, to find out when these events and codes are available. But in the meantime, here are your options.

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Starter Egg

We'll start with the simplest method. When you first begin the game, you need to go and talk to the wonderfully-named Sir Woofington at the Nursery. He will give you your Starter Egg. This is your first free pet, and when you've completed the necessary objectives, the egg will hatch. You then get a choice of whether to have a Dog or a Cat. This pet cannot be traded, so making the right choice is important. Although that's a relative term, obviously.

Star Rewards

Star Rewards are another way of acquiring more Roblox Adopt Me free pets. You earn stars by logging in and playing the game each day. The more you log in, the more stars you accrue. And then the choice of pets that you can acquire widens as well. For example, 210 stars earn you a ginger cat. 400 stars earn you a Toucan, while 550 stars earn you a Starfish. 660 stars will give you the chance to get your hands on a golden egg. When this hatches, you will get either a Golden Griffin, a Golden Dragon, or a Golden Unicorn. There's a one in three chance of getting any of these.

Once you've acquired a golden egg for the first time, you then need to acquire another 660 stars (so 1320 in total) to be able to access the Diamond Egg. This egg will hatch into one of three animals - a Diamond Griffin, a Diamond Unicorn, or a Diamond Eagle.

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Earning Bucks

Last, but by no means least, is to earn money within the game. There are several different ways you can do this, for example by completing certain objectives, earning paychecks, logging in regularly, and money trees.

Paychecks are earned while you are playing the game. So every fifteen minutes or so, you get a paycheck worth 20 bucks. Keeping the game running in the background while you do other stuff means you can effectively just earn money for turning up. Which is absolutely not what anyone does in real life.

As well as earning star rewards by logging in, building up log-in streaks can also earn you bucks in the game. If you manage to log in for 30 consecutive days, you actually receive a cracked egg, which will hatch into a free pet.

Objectives are worth completing for a bit of extra dough. Blue objectives are worth 6-7 bucks. Orange objectives are worth 21, so try to complete these when they become available. Objectives normally require you to be in a specific location to complete them.

And finally, the magical money tree. You can plant up to 8 of these in your home, and money will literally grow on them. You can then harvest this money, and get up to 8 bucks a time. It is capped at a maximum of 100 bucks per day, however.

Using all these methods will allow to build up enough bucks to then go and buy more eggs. And best of all, you won't spend any real money. This is a great way to get Roblox Adopt Me free pets.

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