Red Dead Redemption Online Proximity Chat - how to turn on

red dead redemption proximity chat dutch and the gang riding horses

red dead redemption proximity chat dutch and the gang riding horses

Red Dead Redemption Online proximity chat may not sound like the most pressing element of the game for you to think about. But proximity chat can completely change the experience of a video game.

If you didn't already know, the Red Dead Redemption Online proximity chat is designed to recreate the way that sound works in real life. So the closer someone gets to you, the louder they sound, and vice-versa. This allows for a more immersive, realistic experience in-game.

This is especially important in a large world like RDR Online, where it could feel jarring if you are hearing people who are (in theory) miles away from you. We'll be looking into whether or not RDR Online offers proximity chat as an option. And if it does, we'll also tell you how you can switch it on. Let's mount up, and see what we can find out.

Does Red Dead Redemption Online Have Proximity Chat?

Red Dead Redemption Online does have proximity chat. It's just one of several options in terms of voice chat settings, but it does give players the maximum range of choices when it comes to deciding how to set up their in-game audio.

You can decide therefore, whether you want to hear from everyone who is in your vicinity. While this will lend itself to being as realistic as possible, it may also be irritating if you happen to be in proximity to someone who insists on eating crisps very loudly, or playing some acid house music at high volume. This does not lend itself to the Wild West experience.

If you want to activate (or deactivate) proximity chat, how exactly do you go about it? We'll explain everything next.

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How To Turn On Proximity Chat

Activating Red Dead Redemption Online proximity chat is easier than putting a lasso on a critter. Simply access your Player Menu, usually by tapping left on your d-pad. This, unsurprisingly, will take you to a menu. Once of the options on said menu is Voice Chat options.

Once you are in the voice chat menu, you can tweak your settings to whatever suits you best. You have a choice of Everyone, which means you'll be able to hear everyone in your proximity. This is, as you've probably guessed by now, proximity chat. In addition, you can isolate your chat, so you speak to people in your Posse, Friends, or Crew only. Simple.

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That's everything you need to know about using the feature in the Rockstar Cowboy game.

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