How to record PS4 gameplay for free

Have you ever had an unbelievable thing happen on your PS4 and wish your friends were there to see it? We all have moments we want to capture and share with friends and social media. Luckily it’s now easier than ever to record some of your play in a few clicks.

You won’t always know in advance when they are going to happen, so knowing how to capture it at the moment is vital. Whether you're interested in buying a capture card or not, here's everything you need to know about recording your gameplay footage on PS4.

How to record PS4 gameplay

Hold the Share button on the PS4 controller to open the menu. From here you can change all the settings you need surrounding capturing gameplay in the Sharing and Broadcasts tab.

You can edit the length of video clips, the resolution and anything audio related. The length is 15 minutes as default but it can be anywhere from 30 seconds to an hour. 

Record a defined time

Double-tap the share button to start the recording process. An icon will appear on the screen and it will record everything from that point until you double-tap again. When the recording is complete, your clip will be saved in the Capture Gallery folder on your PS4 home screen.

Record something that just happened

When something happens in-game and you want to record it at the moment do not double-tap the share button. This will delete what has previously happened and start a new recording. Hold down the Share button to access the Share menu. From there, select Save Video Clip, or hit the Square button.

This will save it to the capture gallery for later consumption. In the capture gallery, you can trim and edit what you have captured and auto-share to Twitter, Youtube, Dailymotion, and Facebook.

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