RDR2 unknown error FFFF - how to fix Red Dead Online crashing

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RDR2 unknown error FFFF - how to fix Red Dead Online crashing

If you're a fan of Red Dead Online, chances are you may have come across RDR2 unknown error FFFF.

After Red Dead Redemption 2 error 0x21002001, unknown error FFFF is the most common error that appears on Red Dead Online. It can be frustrating to deal with, but fear not, as there are a few things you can try to get rid of it.


In this article, we will go over some proven solutions to help you get back to playing Red Dead Redemption 2 without any crashes.

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How to fix RDR2 unknown error FFFF

Multiple websites on the internet recommend verifying the files, restarting the PC, reinstalling the game and deleting RDR2 files as potential fixes. But, these are basic troubleshooting tips which are not effective in this case.

We scoured Reddit forums to find fixes that actually worked for people, and found a gem of a tip. This Reddit user was able to fix the RDR2 unknown error FFFF by changing the API to DirectX12 in the graphic settings.


We know Vulkan is generally more appropriate for AMD GPUs and DX12 for Nvidia’s. But, as you know, Vulkan has serious memory leak issues and the problem here seems to have something to do with the graphic memory filling up.

So try changing the API to DirectX12; you might lose 5-10 FPS, but you should be able to get your game working again.

What is RDR2 unknown error FFFF?

RDR2 unknown error FFFF has been around since the beta days of the game. The error usually crops up when Rockstar releases an update, and it's something that we've seen a lot of lately.


The error occurs during gameplay and crashes the game. The crashes are pretty random; for some people, it happens when they start a particular mission, and for others, the game crashes when they are around a certain area on the map.

The actual cause of the RDR2 unknown error FFFF is unknown. But, we guess it has something to do with graphics memory filling up. Hopefully, the potential fix we mentioned here will help you resolve the issue and enjoy the game without interruptions.