Razer Basilisk Ultimate: wireless gaming mouse review

When you’ve

built the PC

you’ve been wanting for a while, you want to make sure you can use it in the best way, with a great mouse and keyboard.

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate Mouse is a great answer to that. Just make sure that you’ve got the cash ready for it.

If you're thinking of investing in a properly high-end mouse, check out our review below...

Feel - Score 95

Right away it felt comfortable, and that’s an important attribute to have for a mouse when you’re planning on gaming for an evening. It weighs at 107 grams which is pretty light, and it doesn’t hinder any game that was played, such as

Grand Theft Auto V


Because of its narrow size, it has an easily-accessible eleven buttons, which can all be reprogrammed to cater to your needs.

Each button feels comfortable and as a nice ‘click’ to them, while also sounding very quiet when a button is pressed. The scroll-wheel is big and easy enough to scroll through weapons, or to scroll to the left and right when needed.


Usability - Score 95

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Setting up the mouse was easy enough, with plugging in the wireless-dongle into the PC and having Razers' software, ‘Synapse’ recognise it for the installation to begin.

It also comes with a dock, which was installed at the same time, and is something that is a first in reviewing a mouse. It can stick down on a flat service anywhere, and when the battery is low on the mouse, it can then charge it, with the RGB lights signifying if it’s on low charge, almost done, and completely out.

The wireless dongle can also plug into this, and the way it's designed, the mouse can still be docked for charging, which is a smart move.

The mouse has five DPI settings, from 100 to 20,000, which is how fast the mouse cursor responds, and there was no delay felt at all. From highlighting text in Google Docs to switching between weapons in the

Resident Evil 3 Demo

, everything felt fast and latency-free.

Everything felt fast and latency-free

The RGB is, in a word, ridiculous. It has fourteen light zones across the mouse, and they can be configured to any way you wish.

Want the lights to be in a breathing style? Done.

How about as a wave so all the colours of the rainbow go from top-to-bottom? Sure.

There’s plenty more that can be said on this, but in short; it’s great, it’s ridiculous, and they’re all placed in a way that's not distracting.

The only issue experienced was strange-disconnections when the PC switched on. It would pulse a random colour, but there would be no mouse appearing at the desktop. Removing and then reinserting the dongle resolved this, but it was an odd moment.


Software - Score 93

Razer has its own software called ‘Synapse’, where there can be an incredible range of just how you want to customise the mouse buttons and RGB. The UI is simple enough, and it can give you the important info when needed, such as battery life and software updates.

There are also profiles that can be installed, so it can almost cater to different games. With the RGB, you can customise it all through here in ‘Synapse’, but through Chroma Studio, it can be customised even more. But if you have other Razer products, they can


Price - Score 80

Priced at

£169.99 on Amazon

, you know that this is an expensive mouse; there’s no getting away from the fact. But when it all comes down to it, you get what you pay for. Here, it’s a high-quality mouse, with so many RGB options you could probably spend an evening on that, alongside many customisable buttons that you will be able to easily access a game’s menu with.

Throughout the time of using it, there have been no faults with it, and Razer are known as the go-to peripheral maker for keyboard and mice, and this one is no exception. You will get years out of this mouse, whether if it's for your office, or to take it along to a tournament.

Our Score


  • Feels great to use
  • RGB aplenty, lots of customisation
  • Great battery life


  • Confusing Startup
  • Very expensive
  • Sometimes had to switch off and on to reconnect it

It’s a great mouse if you’re primarily planning to game on your machine. It’s got a narrow design so all the buttons are accessible when needed, while the colour options are so vast and ridiculous that you’ll probably spend a good hour customising it through the Chroma Studio.

Regardless of some of the disconnections experienced, it’s a fantastic mouse with a very fast response time, so you can easily plough through

DOOM Eternal

and soon

Resident Evil 3

with ease.

Just make sure you’ve got the dough for its £170 price tag.

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