RANDOM: Metapod sleeping bag images reveal a bizarre Pokemon product

There are plenty of weird and wonderful bits of gaming merchandise that can let you show off what you love without even trying.

Some of them are subtle, the kind of thing that someone as into it as you would notice.

Others are very much not, the kind of thing that you can't ignore even if you close your eyes and walk into a room backwards.

This particular product is very much one of the latter, but who wouldn't love a Metapod sleeping bag?

Metapods truly understand the need for stillness

Let's get the bad news out of the way first, this is only confirmed for Japan at the moment, though international shipping is available according to the website selling it. Hopefully, that means that everyone can get their hands on it, or in it, if they want to.

The good news is that there's going to be a Metapod sleeping bad and it looks extraordinary.

It's 150cm long and has an odd shape, so it's definitely more aimed at children than anything else.

That doesn't stop people wanting it of course, and if you're one of those people then you're going to need to know how much it'll set you back and when it releases.

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When is the Metapod sleeping bag out and how much will it cost

If you fancy climbing inside of a Metapod then you can do so in April 2021 when the sleeping bag releases.

It'll cost ¥35,000, which is around t £250 if you like to know what the price of perfection is.

If you want to order one then you can do so on the official site. Just keep in mind that you might be a bit too tall to enjoy it properly.

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