RANDOM: Fans are REMAKING Tomb Raider 2 to lock the butler in the freezer for 2020

October 26th marked the twenty-fourth anniversary since the first Tomb Raider game launched, with it first appearing on the SEGA Saturn.

Followed by a PC and PlayStation release, it introduced the world to Lara Croft, and since then we've seen countless games be released on many systems.

However, the series also has a very passionate fanbase, with some writing, drawing, and cosplaying everything to do with Tomb Raider. But there's also been other fans who have tried to remake the earlier games.

Case in point, a developer by the name of 'Nicobass' has been creating a remake of Tomb Raider II from 1997, and has released screenshots of a certain butler, in a certain freezer as fans await the next update to his fan-make.

Winston Remade

No matter what game you remember most, or the level, or the music that you're most fond of, the one memory that anyone remembers playing the classic games, is Lara's Home.

Specifically, locking Winston the Butler in the freezer. It was added in at the closing of the sequel's development in late 1997, and since then it's seen memes and even cosplayers dress up as Winston, slowly walking towards the insides of a freezer.

Which is why the fan remake by Nicobass has been showing updates towards adding 'Lara's Home' as a new level. A demo was previously released in 2017, showing an incredible remake of part of the first level in the game, 'The Great Wall', bringing modern gameplay to a classic envrionment.

Ever since, fans have been waiting with baited breath to see what Lara's Home would look like, and after the anniversary last week, we finally received some screenshots.

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Freezer Remade

Not many can deny the phenomenon that was Lara Croft, and more so Winston; the silent hero of the series. With his tray of China-cups, he exemplified just what a true sidekick was; similar to Alfred and Batman, Madame Web to Spider-Man, and Qui Gon to Obi Wan.

While it's a shame that Lara seems to be pushed aside for now due to Crystal Dynamics playing damage-control with their 'Avengers' release last month, their ownership of the Tomb Raider franchise has been met with enthusiasm but also frustration.

When you come across efforts such as the above, it makes one wonder as to whether they should follow in SEGA's footsteps with Sonic, to have a 'Sonic Mania' version of Tomb Raider, and then another release to follow up from the latest 'reboot' trilogy.

But for now, many are hoping to lock Winston in the freezer once again as we run up to Christmas, and maybe even in a new entry from Crystal Dynamics to mark twenty-five years of the franchise in 2021.

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