PUBG Mobile server issues: Are the servers down? And what does the "No response from server - Please try again later" error message mean?

With the PUBG Mobile Season 14 update dropping, more and more players are jumping back into the game.

Despite the game's consistent popularity and the PUBG developers' experience, the servers are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of players trying to connect, and the chances are they will suffer some issues during this period.

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You might even see "No response from server - Please try again later" as an error message, which is a surefire piece of evidence that something isn't right with the server. And if your own internet connection is fine, the only thing you can really do is wait for the problem to be solved from the dev side.

If you want to find out the status of the PUBG Mobile servers, here's how to do it...

How to check the official status of PUB Mobile servers

Players can visit specialist websites such as PUBG Server Status to see the status of the game.

There's a handy graph on there, which will show you whether other players are seeing problems with the servers and connecting to them...

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KEEN FOR GREEN: If you see red, the servers are probably in a bad way.

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Are the PUBG Mobile Servers down right now?

If you want a second opinion, there are heaps of other sites around the web that will tell you if the PUBG Mobile servers are down.

The best of these is DownDetector. The website presents a graph of all the people claiming to have connection issues in PUBG over the last 24 hours.

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GOT 99 PROBLEMS BUT THE PUBG SERVERS AIN'T ONE: If everything looks healthy on here, it might be an issue with your own setup!

If you see a spike in reported incidents, then the chances are there are wider connection issues. If you don't, perhaps it's your own connection that is dodgy - try restarting your router or checking your settings!

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