PUBG Mobile Livik: New map details, guns, how to update to 0.19.0 and more!

While the full console and PC version PUBG may have fallen aside to the likes ofFortniteand Warzoneespecially in recent months, its mobile version, PUBG Mobile, is stronger than ever.

As a sign of the mobile versions strength, it has now received its very own exclusive map, Livik.

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Here's everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile's latest map!

How to download PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update

As with any mobile app or game, it's fairly easy to make update PUBG Mobile to its latest version.

If you go to the App Store on your iOS device and select your profile, you should see all the upcoming updates or updates available. If PUBG Mobile is in this section, select Update and it will start downloading.

You can also check the games App Store page directly to see if it needs updating.

On Android devices, the My Apps and Games section of the Google Play Store will have all of your apps and updates. If you locate PUBG Mobile, it will give you the option to update if there is one available.

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Livik Map details

The new map, Livik, is among the smallest of PUBG Mobile's maps. It measures 2km x 2km in size with only 52 players in each lobby.

In terms of its aesthetic, Livik is heavily influenced by Nordic themes and environments.

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LIVIK THE DREAM- The scenery in this Nordic-inspired map is beautiful

You can see all the locations included in Livik in the map down below.

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As the map is fairly small, the developers have stated that a match should finish in approximately 15 minutes, making it perfect for quick on-the-go play sessions.

The map is also currently in Beta, suggesting changes are to come in the future.

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New Livik Weapons

The Livik map introduces two new exclusive weapons to PUBG Mobile- the P90 SMG and the MK12 Marksman Rifle.

You will also find special experimental weapons across the Nordic-themed map which will do more damage than the standard weapons they are based on.

While not technically a weapon, the Livik map also introduced a brand-new Monster Truck vehicle, exclusive to the map.

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