PUBG Mobile lag and FPS issues: How to stop lagging and prevent frame drops in PUBG

PUBG as a game has had its fair share of bugs and issues since the original Battle Royale mode released on PC in 2017.

While many of these have since been patched or removed, especially from the mobile version, players still complain about lag and FPS problems within the game.

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If lag and poor FPS is the reason you keep losing games of PUBG Mobile, here's how to fix it.

Improve your internet connection

The main cause of lag within any video games is a poor internet connection.

When playing PUBG Mobile, make sure you are always using a Wi-Fi connection rather than cellular data, as this is likely to give a more stable connection.

If PUBG Mobile still lags even when connected to your Wi-Fi, try playing the game closer to your internet router. You should also close any other apps on your phone that may be using the internet which, in 2020, is most of them.

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Disable your in-game mic

If you aren't playing PUBG Mobile with friends or you don't intend to communicate with teammates, then leaving your mic enabled will just use up unnecessary bandwidth.

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Clearly these teammates didn't follow my tips...

Choose the right in-game matchmaking server

While debates over which server has the best players will continue seemingly forever, this won't matter for you if you're playing in servers with 150 ping.

You'll want to choose the servers with the lowest ping before joining a game of PUBG, and to do this, select the settings on the Matchmaking menu. Here, click on Select Server and choose the region with the lowest ping.

If you insist on playing PUBG Mobile in a different server, we'd suggest using a Mobile VPN to reduce your ping.

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Lower your graphics settings

PUBG Mobile may not be as vibrant as Fortnite, or as realistic as Call of Duty: Warzone, but like all games, if you set the graphics too high, you'll start to experience lag and frame drops.

If your phone is really struggling to play PUBG Mobile, we'd recommend lowering the graphics to the most basic of settings.

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WINNER WINNER: This could be you if you follow these tips for less lag!

To do this, go to the Graphics Settings and put the graphics to Smooth, the style to Colorful, and disable the Shadows.

We'd also recommend turning off the Auto-Adjustment function as this can cause some pretty hefty lag during a match.

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