PUBG Corporation is supporting indie developers with a cool new scheme

PUBG Corporation, the company behind the incredibly popular PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds, or PUBG for short, has announced something that could well help bring even more excellent indie games to the mass market.

Needless to say that the success of PUBG has given the company a lot of money, so it's cool to see them reinvesting that in the industry at large.

It all came out via a press release, and the specifics are quite interesting.

So, here's what you need to know about this new initiative.

PUBG Corporation supports the 1Up Ventures

PUBG has invested $10 million into a company called 1Up Ventures.

The full quote from C.H. Kim, the CEO of PUBG Corporation says "With our investment in 1Up Ventures, PUBG Corporation is looking to foster the next generation of video game developers around the world."

"A vibrant and diverse indie community benefits the entire industry. PUBG grew from a spirit of independence and collaboration, so we are proud to support a fund like 1Up Ventures to help create a sustainable path and environment for the industry-changing games and developers of tomorrow."

That's an awful lot of money, but what exactly does 1Up Venture even do?

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Who are 1Up Venture?

The company says that "At 1Up Ventures we are building a diverse and inclusive community of the most talented, experienced, and creative independent game developers in the world. We believe that by working together we can help each other be more successful."

That's their MO, and what it means is that they help to invest in indie developers to try and get them going.

It's a way of helping to shine a light, and even fund the creation, of indie titles that might struggle otherwise.

It's a very noble aim, and no doubt this huge cash injection from PUBG Corporation will help them out a lot.

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