PSVR2 on PS5: Five things we NEED to see from the new PlayStation VR headset

With the PS5 on the horizon and the recent announcement that Oculus will require Facebook logins soon, a lot of people are wondering about PSVR2.

Well, while we've seen neither hide nor hair of this elusive device, we do have a short wish list of the things we'd like to see when it does get revealed.

PSVR is already pretty good, but it does lag behind PC version of VR a little bit, and we'd like to see that discrepancy addressed.

So, here are five things we'd like to see for PSVR2.

Fewer wires

This is a big one.

Oculus Quest basically redifened VR as something that didn't need to involve an anchor around your head to be enjoyed.

While we're not expecting PSVR2 to be fully wireless, it would be nice if it was a little easier to deal with.

Wireless would be great, but we're not expecting magic here.

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Better streaming integration

Streaming grows bigger by the day, and while normal gaming is easy to manage, VR gaming can be a little tricky.

It would be great to see the PSVR2 have some features that addressed this, like in-built chat functionality, for example.

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Better controllers

How about some proper controllers?

We're talking finger tracking, proper buttons, and maybe just some dedicated controllers at the very least.

Let's all stop waving around peripherals that nobody liked in the first place, and let's move onto something better.

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Backwards compatibility

This is an important one. VR games take a while to make, as do all games, but there definitely needs to be a push to make sure that PSVR games work on the second iteration of this technology.

Otherwise, we're all going to be left with nothing to play, and that's no fun at all.

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A lighter headset

Finally, the PSVR could do with being a little bit lighter.

It's not the heaviest headset around, but improvements are always a good thing, and a lighter headset makes longer sessions of VR so much easier to deal with.

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