PSVR 2 Controllers revealed: PS5 VR just got real

PlayStation has revealed the next-gen PSVR 2 controllers for PS5 VR gaming. Currently unnamed, the new VR controllers for PlayStation already appear to be vast improvements over the current Move Controllers.

Revealed through a PlayStation Blog post, the PSVR 2 controllers will "much deeper sense of presence and stronger feeling of immersion" than before. Designed after Occulus and Valve's offerings, these appear to be true VR controllers.

What do the PSVR 2 controllers do?

Sony explains that the new controls will follow in the same path as their main DualSense controller. Just like with couch gaming, Sony aims for VR games to have the "power of touch" that's emulated through haptic feedback.

Not only will the controller inherit haptic response, but also the adaptive triggers. Players will be able to feel the actions they enact in game in the real world for heightened immersion.

Much like the Oculus and Vive controls, the new controllers will have finger detection. In PC VR games, the controllers tell games when you've touched a button instead of pressed it to make games more immersive. This also frees up pressing buttons for other actions.

Does PSVR 2 use inside out tracking?

The reveal of the PSVR 2 controllers does state that the new headset is capable of inside-out tracking. While it's unclear if the headset itself requires a sensor on the PS5, the controllers will be tracked entirely by the headset.

Sony explains that the new controllers are constantly tracked by the headset through a tracking ring on the controller. This is similar to the Oculus Quest headset and allows more freedom than the single-camera setup of the Move controllers.

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