PS5 web browser: Pornhub stats reveal why the PS5 NEEDS an internet app! Does the PS5 have an internet browser?

The PlayStation 5 is now just mere days away from launch, and while we certainly know lots about its User Interface, there's not a lot we know about how the console's web browser will work.

For those unsure as to how much an internet app is needed on the next-gen console, some recent Pornhub stats say that an internet app could be an essential PlayStation 5 feature...

It's not just a strong first-party line up that many people want from Sony, though - it takes a little bit more than that to get some gamers up in the morning. Here's why...

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Why the PS5 needs a good internet browser

A lot of people use their console as the main hub of activity in their house. That means you want to be able to stream videos, look at YouTube, and just generally surf the web.

Of course, that also means that you're going to want to search certain particular parts of the web, like, you know, Pornhub.

That's according to the figures that Pornhub released anyway, and while lots of gamers like to spend some time alone instead of gaming, Sony gamers, in particular, seem particularly ready to utilise a good internet browser for sexy reasons.

PS4 users apparently accounted for 51.5% of console-based traffic to Pornhub last year, with the PS Vita also providing Sony with a further 9.1% in the porn-per-console pie chart.

There's also a good chance that the numbers will be astronomically higher than before too, given how many people are currently at home sitting on their hands.

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Who knew the PS4 was such a hotbed for racy activity?
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Who knew the PS4 was such a hotbed for racy activity?

Will the PS5 have an internet browser?

You would think a brand new console launching in 2020 might come with a web browser, but Sony has now confirmed the PlayStation 5 will release without a dedicated internet application.

In a huge FAQ, Sony answered the question "Does PS5 feature a web browser?" with a simple, one-line answer: "No, the PS5 system doesn’t include a dedicated web browser app."

ps5 console design revealed confirmed
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The future of home entertainment? But not the naughty kind, apparently

This comes after the recent UI video that showed off the PS5's home page had no signs of a web browser application.

The FAQ also had no signal of Sony's intention to release a bespoke web browser post-launch, although we don't know for sure. It seems the PlayStation 5 is doomed to repeat the problems of the Nintendo Switch, which also released with no web browser application in 2017.

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