PS5 vs Xbox Series X vs PC: What should you invest in this generation?

As we approach the dawning of yet another new generation of consoles, many gamers are finding themselves with some tricky decisions to make.

Should you were the flattering black dress, or the more professional outfit instead? Are trainers smart-casual? Whose idea was smart-casual anyway? Which console should you get, or should you get a PC?

We can help out with one of those questions, so we're laying out some good reasons for all three cases.

Read on to find out which of the three is right for you.

Should you get a PS5

The PS5 is likely to be the least-powerful of the three choices. That does somewhat depend on your budget when it comes to a PC, but it's probably the case.

However, the general consensus seems to be that the custom SSD inside the PS5 allows it far greater speeds than we've seen before.

Plus, if you've already got a PS4, then you'll have a library of games to play on it too, though we're still waiting on more details about whether that's digital and physical or not.

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Should you get an Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X could well end up being the cheapest option here, it all depends on when Microsoft decides to reveal the price, and whether they wait to undercut Sony or not.

Plus, there's Xbox Game Pass, which means you've got a lot of games for a small price, not to mention full backwards compatibility for many games all the way back to the original Xbox.

Again, if you've got an Xbox One, this is likely the logical choice for you too.

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Should you get a PC

Now then, this is almost definitely the best choice if you can afford to do it. Gaming PCs aren't cheap, but they last a long time, you can upgrade them as you go, and games are generally much cheaper too.

That's not to mention that console exclusivity, while still a thing, isn't as prominent as it used to be.

That means you'll likely have the largest range of games here too, but again, it comes at a large initial cost.

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