Ray tracing explained: PS5 graphics upgrade will impact PS4 games too

The fact Sony and Microsoft's next consoles are going to be substantially more powerful is common knowledge - we've already seen the specs of both the Xbox Series X and the PS5.

It's fun to see developers talking about how their games will be affected. A new interview between Official Playstation Magazine and Remedy, the developers behind Control, is particularly interesting.

In it, a few of the bigwigs over at Remedy talked about how the next-gen is going to improve Control, which initially had a few glitches on PS4.

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What is Ray Tracing?

The main things that the interview touched on were PS5 ray tracing and the powerful new SSD.

These are things we know about, but hearing game developers being excited about them makes it a little more real.

"Ray tracing is a fundamental shift in how to approach computer graphics," said lead graphics programmer Tatu Aalto.

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Aalto added: "Gradual improvements in processing power and programmability have made it possible to do very accurate material shading and effects on the previous generation already, but for global connectivity games have used either precomputed static data, or relied on incomplete screen space information.

"Ray tracing is not just a single effect, but a leap towards actually resolving that global connectivity in real-time."

Control initially faced some struggles with current-gen hardware.
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Control initially faced some struggles with current-gen hardware.

Detailed destruction is important

The other leading feature in the interview is the power of the SSD, which lead programmer Sean Donnelly talked about:

"With the extra burden of a detailed destruction system, it’s safe to say we hit the limit on what could be achieved on older CPUs.

"When it comes to the PS5, faster hardware is always appreciated and will make life easier in the short term.

"But it’s the new SSD that really stands out; essentially streaming will become something that we don’t really have to worry so much about and it will free up some extra CPU bandwidth in the process."

Basically, the PS5 will be faster and have vastly improved graphics systems, which means PS4 games like Control will run better than ever on this next-gen hardware.

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