PS5 stock near me: How to check if there's a PlayStation 5 console near your location

Well, it's nearly Christmas and lots of us still don't have a PS5 because they're not real.

That's right, despite some of our staff very clearly having the console, we can only surmise that it's a lie and none of them exist, otherwise, we'd all have them, right?

Yes, that can be the only reason.

If, however, you still believe in the PS5, then maybe you'll be able to find one with the help of a stock finder site.

How to check if there is PS5 stock near you

If you want to, you can keep an eye on which online stores has PS5 stock by going to each one individually every couple of hours and searching for it.

We don't really recommend that though because that's hardly time well spent, nor is it going to be a very fulfilling experience.

Instead, why not go on over to Stock Informer instead and just keep an eye on that page. You can follow along with all of the instructions there to keep an eye on things, and it's a pretty useful site if you're desperate to have a PS5 as soon as possible.

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When will more PS5 stock be coming?

Probably not this year, sorry.

That sounds pretty bad, but ultimately there's only a few days left in this year anyway, so it could actually be a lot worse. Also, good riddance to 2020, you've been horrific.

Anyway, we'll likely get more stock early in 2021, though when exactly is hard to say, we'd assume February at the earliest given that people will hopefully be taking a break over the next week.

So, keep an eye on things and hope for the best and maybe you too can own one of these make-believe consoles.

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