PS5 price revealed? New rumour predicts massive pricetag

With the PS5 tech reveal happening a couple of weeks ago, and loads of information on the fancy new 3D audio and general power given, it's natural that there will be even more rumour-mongering around the price of the beastly machine.

The general consensus is that we're looking at a rather expensive bit of kit, at least assuming Sony want to make a profit on the console itself instead of selling it as a loss leader.

Well, a Danish site seems to be the first to take a guess at how much the next-generation PlayStation will cost.

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A Danish site called føtex has put up a price for the PS5 and has listed it at 6,989 Danish Krone. That's a smidge over £837, which is over double what the PS4 costed on release.

It's almost triple the cost of buying a PS4 on Amazon right now. If this price prediction turns out to be true, it makes for an extraordinarily unprecedented level of cost for a new console. There is good news and bad news here though.

The good news is that this price is highly likely just a placeholder. It's something that a lot of sites do to put a product up to help encourage pre-orders or to try and generate excitement.

That means that it'll likely not actually be this cost when it releases, which makes a lot of sense, because Sony would have a much harder time of actually selling any PS5s.

The bad news is that, if you look at the tech inside the PS5, it's not that much of a stretch either. SSDs are around twice the cost of an HDD, and it's likely that a custom one, such as the kind the Sony will be using, is going to be a bit more on top of that.

When you add in all of the other components, it's certainly possible that the PS5 will be worth somewhere around £800. Of course, it's likely that Sony has found a way to produce the technology for less.

All in all, the price here is likely no more than an educated guess, and it shouldn't be looked at as anything more than that.

It is worth considering the potential cost of this new generation of consoles, though. With a huge increase in power comes a considerable cost.

Just look at a gaming PC or laptop, which will easily set you back £1,000. We're still in the dark on an official price, but it's probably worth preparing ourselves for a higher price than the previous generations, just in case.

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