PS5 No Sound: How To Fix The PS5 No Sound Issue

There you are with your friends, gathered around the television to enjoy another round of your video game of choice, only to discover there is a PS5 no sound problem. You start by accusing Darren of sitting on the mute button. Because it's always Darren. Always. But on this occasion, Darren is innocent. You all need to apologise to Darren.

Because the PS5 no sound issue is actually affecting a number of gamers, not all of whom have a Darren of their own. So to avoid Darren being unfairly maligned any further, we've got a guide to explain what you should do if your PS5 suddenly goes quiet.

Of course, you could always make your own sound effects. But that probably isn't ideal. Especially given how many games rely on audio as a key part of the experience.

How To Fix The PS5 No Sound Issue

If you find yourself in the predicament of having no audio for your PS5, we recommend trying the following:

  • Start with the obvious fixes, such as pressing the mute button on your DualSense controller. If this has been pressed inadvertently, then pressing it again may be all you need to do.
  • Check your volume controls. Just in case the television has been muted.
  • Try restarting your console and your television. Ideally, switch both off, then unplug them for thirty seconds or so.
  • You can also try plugging your controller into your console. This means it won't be using Bluetooth, which might disrupt the TV audio on some models.

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PS5 no sound
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This seems poignant. If only we could hear it.

Assuming these don't fix the issue, your next steps are these:

  • Connect the console directly to the TV HDMI port. Remove any other audio or video devices that are connected. 
  • Verify that the TV is on the correct input. 
  • Try using a different HDMI cable. If your HSMI cable is faulty or damaged, this could explain the issue.
  • Try using a different TV input and HDMI port. As above, a faulty port could also be responsible.

If you're playing solo, try connecting a headset to your PS5, as this won't use the television audio. But this is a workaround, rather than a fix.

If nothing seems to be working, we recommend you contact PlayStation Support for additional help. It is possible that there is a more fundamental issue that will require repair.

What Is The PS5 No Sound Issue?

As we suggested earlier, this is an issue where players are finding that their console produces no sound at all. And audio can be critical in a game. While sound effects and music add atmosphere, in some games, audio is crucial to identify where a threat is coming from. So silence can be catastrophic for your gaming, never mind your enjoyment.

There are several potential causes for this, ranging from hardware-related issues to settings to software updates that have gone wrong. It can be almost impossible to diagnose what's gone wrong. It's really a case of trial and error until you stumble upon whatever the correct solution is.

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So work through the fixes we've suggested, until you find the one that works for you. And then, once normal service is restored, you can go back to blaming Darren for his tomfoolery.

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