PS5 news: massive announcements and game info teased for June

The PS5 tech was revealed a few weeks ago, but there is still more news to come - and it could be arriving in June!

Features like the SSD and 3D Audio are potential game-changers, and it will be cool to see what gets announced next.

We've also already seen the DualSense controller. It turns out that it's also full of impressive technology thanks to the Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers.

We still don't know what the console looks like, leaving fans to dream up their own PS5 console designs and PS5 game cases. But it looks like more official info could be coming soon...

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PS5 reveal soon

According to a Tweet from @GermanStrands that appears to be showing off the next issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, we'll be hearing a lot more about the console very soon.

The cover shows off some great stuff, and we'll get to that, the truly exciting bit comes via the second image, which shows off an image saying that the issue on sale on June 2nd will have more information on PS5 games.

That probably means we'll be seeing more information on the PS5 before that issue is released, which should also mean that we'll be treated to at least one impressive event in May or the beginning of June.

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Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and Quantum Error

That takes us to what's inside issue 175 itself. On the cover, there are two big things that are worth paying attention to.

The less obvious one is tucked away in the bottom right-hand corner, which says "REVEALED! THE SURPRISING HORIZON ZERO DAWN SEQUEL", which seems to very subtly suggesting that the mysterious Tweet that went up recently was, in fact, hinting at Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

The other is at the bottom and is about a game called Quantum Error. The game is apparently Doom meets Control, which presumably makes it a hellish shooter where you get special powers and headbang along to creepy janitors, or something.

It's all very interesting, and the fact that things are ramping up should mean we'll have some more PS5 facts and news to share with you soon.

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