PS5 life span: How long with the PlayStation 5 last before the PS6 release date arrives?

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We're coming to the end of the current console generation, and while that means literally nothing to Nintendo, both Microsoft and Sony will be releasing new consoles soon.

Assuming you've been a Sony fan for a while, you'll likely be getting the PS5. How long will the PS5 last though?


It's a question that's very important, because who has money to throw around every year without worrying about it? Nobody, that's who.

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So, here's how long we think the PS5 will last.

How long with the PS5 last

To know this it's worth looking back, rather than consulting a crystal ball or tea leaves, neither of which are very effective.

The PS3 lasted around 7 years, which is considered a long time given that the average console cycle is around 5-6 years. The thing is though, the PS4 also later around 7 years. Well, sort of.

This generation includes the PS4 Pro, which is like a tiny half step towards next-gen, which was released in 2016, meaning it only later around 4 years.

We can, therefore, assume that the PS5 will probably last around 7 years too, but we can also expect another mid-generation console too, so keep that in mind.


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Could it last longer?

There's always rumours of the next generation of consoles being the last one ever. This time around though, it's not because consoles are doing poorly or aren't powerful enough.

This time, it's more because consoles are becoming increasingly similar to PCs, and, given the PS4 Pro, often looked at it in a different way.


It's quite possible that we reach a point where console manufacturers stop selling new consoles as such, and they instead sell upgraded components. However, we've seen no hint at this in the PS5, so it's highly unlikely that it'll be the case with the PS5.

Maybe it's the penultimate one though? There's no way of telling, but you can bet that if things change it'll be because it'll make more money.

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