PS5 launch title DELAYED: Destruction All-Stars pushed to 2021, but there is good news!

Previously touted as a launch title, Lucid Games' 'Destruction AllStars' has been delayed into February 2021.

First announced as a launch title for the PlayStation 5 back in June, it had glimpses of Rocket League, Destruction Derby and even hints of Wipeout as well.

With hopes of it rising as the launch date neared, today's announcement to its delay brings questions as to why it's been delayed, with three weeks to go until the launch of the PlayStation 5.

With that, here's the details into the delay.

Delay Details

Revealed at the PS5 event back in June, there was plenty of awe towards its trailer, and subsequent videos and previews of the game.

However, there had been no updates to its progress, and it was barely mentioned when Sony held another PS5 event which confirmed the release date and price of the new console.

Whether this was a sign that development was going slowly or the game has seen a rethink, today confirmed that the game simply needs more time to be ready.

Yet there are silver linings for PS5 owners when it releases next February.

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An Upside to the Delay!

In their blog, Sony have said that on top of the game releasing in February, that a new trailer will be out later this week, and it will be available on PS Plus for the first two months of its release.

This means that anyone with a subscription can download the game, free of charge, until April. This is great for any PS5 owner, and anyone who pre-ordered it will have their money refunded.

This is a game that didn't get much press since its announcement, and perhaps that was also due to the news of Rocket League going free to play during this time.

However the game being available on PS Plus with a release date set, only now begins a path of hype and excitement as to what this game will bring to customers in February next year.

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