PS5 horizontal or vertical - What is the best position for PS5?

PS5 horizontal or vertical - What is the best position for PS5?

PS5 horizontal or vertical - What is the best position for PS5?

Should your PS5 be horizontal or vertical?

When setting up the new PS5, one question that many players have is whether it's better to position the console horizontally or vertically.

Spoiler alert: One position can actually damage your PS5 over time, according to multiple hardware repair shop owners.

So in this article, we'll reveal the best position for your PS5.

What is the best position for PS5? Horizontal or vertical?

The best position for PS5 is horizontal.

Although multiple websites on the Internet and even Sony's Mechanical Design Department VP Yasuhiro Ootori states that the PS5 can be placed either horizontally or vertically, it turns out the vertical position can damage your console.

According to 68Logic, a PlayStation scene member who owns a hardware repair shop in France, using your PS5 vertically can cause the liquid metal used to cool the APU to spill over because of gravity and damage the surface of the APU as well impact the cooling.

He isn't the only technician who has noticed this issue. Ben Montana, the owner of the specialized repair shop ILoveMyConsole in France, recently shared on Facebook that he has seen this issue first-hand with his clients’ consoles.

In summary, you might be killing your PS5 by using it vertically. So, keep it horizontal!

PS5 standing up issues

The liquid metal leaking and running off can have numerous issues. The most obvious is that the liquid metal is highly conductive, and if it touches the wrong components on the motherboard, it could lead to a short circuit.

In addition, when the liquid metal which is supposed to keep the APU cool drips off, your console can overheat and perhaps shut down. Also, the fan needs to spin faster than usual to compensate for the excess heat, resulting in noise and high energy consumption.

Ultimately, it will reduce the console’s lifespan. This is obviously not ideal, so we recommend you place the PS5 horizontally.

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