PS5 HDMI 2.1 cable causes confusion: Here's everything you need to know

With the PS5 and the Xbox Series X only a few days away, lots of people are getting very excited about literally everything they see about the new consoles.

Sometimes though, things aren't all good news, and some confusion or negativity can arise.

This is one of those times, and in this case, it's all about the HDMI cable that the PS5 comes with.

This is a bit of an odd one, but bear with us and you'll find out everything you could ever want to know about this strange scenario.

The PS5 does come with an HDMI 2.1 cable

As reported on by PlayStation Universe, but initially mentioned over on (in a Tweet that seems to have disappeared) the PS5 will indeed come with an HDMI 2.1 cable.

The full quote is written on Reddit, but the key points are that Sony confirmed to the site that the HDMI cable is indeed HDMI 2.1, and not an older version, and that Sony is sorry about the confusion.

You might be a little perplexed about the whole thing, so how on earth did this confusion even start?

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Why did people think otherwise?

The whole thing started because HDMI 2.1 cables should have a package with a label that says "Ultra-High-Speed" on it.

However, many eagle-eyed viewers realised that this was missing on the multiple unboxing videos that have recently gone up online thanks to people getting their PS5s early or being press.

It's an odd one for sure, but now you not only know about why it happened in the first place, but can rest assured that it's not an actual error as such, and therefore have nothing to worry about.

If you're not sold though, maybe just get an Xbox Series X or something.

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