PS5 controller colour: Will Sony give fans DualSense customisation options?

Ah, the DualSense, only recently revealed as the official name for the PS5 controller and already people are recolouring it to look slightly less like an AI that's going to turn sentient and destroy us all.

The official colour scheme of a block of white over a black lower half is a little odd for sure, but that hasn't stopped huge swathes of fans mocking up their own versions.

Fans clearly want more PS5 controller colours for DualSense

First up we've got @isaparrot, who has switched the colours over as well as adding the original colours to the buttons.

It actually looks really good, and it makes a huge difference given that it's such a simple change.

It's probably the addition of the colours on the buttons that helps the image pop, but it could just be slightly less outlandish thanks tot he more muted colour.

Next up, @PS4_Trophies has put together three mockups that fit the general look of the controller but changed the white to other colours.

These are quite subtle and the changes actually really do look fantastic. The face buttons still look a little faded, but it fits slightly better with the other options.

The next one asks "Okay, but what if it was pink??", and is from @orcastraw.

It turns out that if you swap the black for another colour, it makes the whole design really stand out. It's good to know such a small thing can have such a big impact.

Finally, uh, @thefleshmonk mocked up some bold and beautiful designs using some good old fashioned block colour.

They actually look stunning, and while we're very partial to the pure black controller, the yellow one would also be a nice addition to our gaming set-ups.

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Will Sony give us PS5 controller customisation for DualSense?

The safe money is on yes - we would be very surprised if we never saw any other colour options for the DualSense controller.

Ultimately custom controllers are something that both Xbox and now Nintendo dabble in, so it makes perfect sense to assume we'll get something similar from Sony.

Even if we don't get full customisation, it's very likely that we'll see an array of different colours get officially released anyway.

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A blank canvas for cool colours?
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A blank canvas for cool colours?

Just look at how many variants there are for the PS4. You can practically recreate a renaissance painting with all of the colours available.

So, while there are no other colours officially announced by Sony just yet, it'd be very odd indeed to not see some more coming later down the line.

Though it does tend to be a little while after launch. Maybe just get the felt tips out and make whatever colour PlayStation controller you want? (This is not an actual recommendation).

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