PS5 Discord integration - When is Discord coming to PS5?

PS5 Discord integration - When is Discord coming to PS5?
Credit: PlayStation/Discord

If you are wondering when Discord is coming to PS5, you are not alone.

Discord has started rolling out voice chat features to Xbox owners, so it seems logical that the popular gaming chat app will follow suit for the PS5.

Given the new partnership between Sony and Discord, it's inevitable that Discord will come to the PS5. It is a question of when not if.

With that in mind, let's look at when Discord is coming to PS5.

Is Discord on PS5?

Currently, Discord is not available on PS5. Don't be dishearted, though. The good news is that the integration work is in progress and Discord will be coming to PS5 soon.

A leaker who claims to have datamined a current build of Discord shared a tweet showcasing the ability to join Discord voice chats via a PS5 console. If a recent datamine is to be believed, it appears as if Discord is on its way to the PS5.

As you can see, the screenshots in the tweet show options to "Join Voice on PlayStation," as well as a list of PS5 and PS4 features for Discord users. Discord on PS5 would allow users to voice chat and display the current game being played.

When is Discord coming to PS5?

Now that you are positive that Discord will be coming to PS5, one question remains: When?

Tom Henderson, an investigative journalist, who has a track record of seemingly accurate leaks, including a recent report that the PS5 would get a detachable disc drive, tweeted out an exact date we can expect to see Discord on PS5.

According to Henderson, the Discord integration will happen during the PS5 firmware update 7.00, which is set to release on 8 March 2023 (if nothing else changes).

So, PS5 Discord integration will happen on March 8 this year. Well, there is a decent bit of time to wait, but you can rest assured that Discord will be coming to PS5.

Reportedly, the PS5 firmware 7.00 will also feature cloud streaming for PlayStation 5 games, which will allow users to play games over streaming, rather than needing to install games locally on the console.

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