How to connect PS5 controller to Samsung TV

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Do you own a PS5 and also a Samsung TV? Connecting both these devices is as easy as pie. Playstation's vast game library is best experienced when you boot them up on the big screen. For that, learning how to connect a PS5 controller to a Samsung TV is crucial.

There are two ways to connect a Samsung TV and PS5 controller. First, you need to connect the PS5 to your Samsung TV and then proceed to connect the console to play your games. Connecting the PS5 to a Samsung TV activates its Game Mode, letting you explore exciting games. We will explore both methods for today's guideline to help you efficiently set up your gaming experience.

In this guide, check out how to connect your PS5 to a Samsung TV to play your favourite PlayStation games. We will also cover some easy fixes if these two devices don't connect.

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Connect PS5 to a Samsung TV

How to Connect the PlayStation 5 to a Samsung TV

When you connect these two devices, you open up the opportunity to experience a vast number of games on your TV. So here are some easy steps to connect the PS5 to your Samsung Smart TV-

Step 1: Get yourself a HDMI cable from a trusted brand

Step 2: Next, find the 'HDMI OUT' port on the PS console and connect this HDMI cable

Step 3: Now, look for the 'HDMI 4 IN' port on your Samsung TV and insert the other end of the HDMI cable

Step 4: Turn on the PS5 console by connecting the cable

Step 5: Next up, switch on the Samsung TV and choose the input 'HDMI 4 IN'

Step 6: The PlayStation 5 home screen will pop right up on your TV screen for you to sign in and start playing.

This process will take less than five minutes and ensure your devices are well-connected for the next step to connect the PS5 controller to the TV.

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Connect a PS5 Controller to a Samsung TV

Quick steps to connect a PS5 controller to a Samsung TV

Here's a quick rundown using the Bluetooth to connect your PS5 Controller to a Samsung TV-

Step 1: Long-press the PS5 controller's PS button and enable the pairing mode

Step 2: Take your Samsung TV remote and click the Home Button. It's ideally in the middle of the remote.

Step 3: Use the Left Arrow button to navigate to the option 'Source'

Step 4: Here you will find many options. Click the 'Connection Guide' option from among them.

Step 5: Find the 'Input Device' here and click the 'Bluetooth Device' option here.

Step 6: From here, click 'Next' and tap on 'Set Up Now' to activate Samsung TV's Bluetooth feature.

Step 7: Now, click on 'Wireless Connectors' and choose the 'Pair and Connect' option

Step 8: You get a pop-up notification that your Wireless Controller is Connected

You can now start playing all your favourite games on the TV from your PS5.

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PS5 and Samsung TV Connectivity Issue

Can't connect PS5 controller to Samsung TV

There's no need to worry if the PS5 and Samsung TV don't connect. Here are some options that can solve your device connectivity issues-

  • Reboot the PlayStation
  • Restart the Samsung TV
  • Look for any damages on the HDMI cable
  • If the HDMI cable is in good shape, reconnect it to the ports
  • Ensure to connect the HDMI cable firmly to the two devices. A loose connection can cause such troubles

In conclusion, connecting the PS5 controller to a Samsung TV is a two-step process. It takes little time and ensures hours of immersive gameplay on your PlayStation. Try out these steps to successfully sync these two devices for some epic gaming experience.

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