PS5 game cases REVEALED, but are the fan-made box art designs better?

We know a bit more than we used to about the style of the PS5 now: we've seen the DualSense controller, the console design itself, and now the first image of a PS5 game case has arrived on the web!

Prior to this, fans had enough of waiting, and they basically took to the internet to design the game cases for themselves. And now that Sony's official idea for PS5 box art has been revealed, the fan-made alternatives have NOT stopped coming.

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Just as we're still seeing with PS5 console mock-ups and DualSense paint jobs, you could argue that some of the fan-made PS5 game cases are better than the real thing. Keep reading for the full lowdown...

Spider-Man Miles Morales box art - our first look at official PS5 game cases!

Sony took to Twitter to share this official look at the PS5 game case for Spider-Man: Miles Morales...

Fan-made alternatives to the Miles Morales PS5 box art

It didn't take long for fans to start sharing their own alternatives. The idea of having a white PS5 game box or a black PS5 game box, rather than a blue, one garnering quite a lot of traction...

Previously: Some EPIC fan-made PS5 box art

As originally shown-off on Push Square, a Reddit user called ruddi2020 pre-empted Sony's announcement by making some rather lovely artwork of what they hope the next generation of game cases will look like.

They've gone for Dying Light 2 and Ghost Of Tsushima to show off their designs, and they are legitimately quite stunning.

These fan-made PS5 boxes look a little thinner than the current-gen, and they've got some really nice images for the box art too, which makes the whole thing feel rather official.

You can take a look at the square, slim and eco-friendly boxes right here...

What makes these fan-made PS5 boxes so cool?

There are a few other really nice touches too, like how the Ghost Of Tsushima case has "Only on PlayStation" and the Dying Light 2 one doesn't, since it isn't a PlayStation exclusive.

They've also put a very nice sheen on both cases, which makes them look so real you could try and grab them.

Don't actually try to grab them, though; you'll either poke your monitor or accidentally yeet your phone across the room, neither of which are good choices.

And hey, we'll probably just have to get used to the slightly more bland PS5 game cases that Sony seems to be hinting at with that Miles Morales box art...

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