PS5 3D audio explained: it could majorly improve Call Of Duty 2020 sound

With the reveal of the PS5 specs in March, it's a good time to think ahead about how some of these impressive bits of technology will impact our games.

It's not just a matter of looking and running better, though that is obviously a big part of things.

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One of the more subtle ways that games will be affected is in the sound design of games. This is especially true in the PS5's case because of the impressive Tempest 3D AudioTech.

So, with one of the biggest games around being Call Of Duty, how will this affect the ultimate first-person shooter?

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Well, given that the 3D audio is designed to allow for things like individual raindrops having their own sound, it means that things could potentially be a lot more intense in Call Of Duty.

It's not just things like being able to hear if someone is behind your or in front of you, it's things like being able to tell whether they're behind your left or right shoulder.

It's being able to locate which room someone is using sound alone, and the ability to mess around with that knowledge to lay down traps by using distractions.

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Say, for example, you're in one of Call Of Duty's many long hallways. There are doors on either side, and you know that somebody is nearby. What if you could sneak to each door and listen for movement?

Not just movement around you, but specifically behind that door? That would completely change how you approach each encounter.

Take that same example, but this time you're trying to set an ambush up. You hear someone in the room next to you; maybe they're running around and looting stuff.

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So, you sneak across the hall and open the door before sneaking back into your room. Then, you just lie in wait, knowing that they heard the door you opened and are likely to check that room first.

This ability to hear everything around you and also pinpoint where each sound is coming from allows for a whole new level of technical play. It's not just that though; it could mean the world of difference to people with hearing impairments.

Of course, Call of Duty's audio files are already pretty large, and this new tech will probably mean the update sizes increase. But in the grand scheme of things, this is irrelevant if it could mean a new wave of accessibility features for those who need it. This gives a chance for all of us to share this wonderful hobby with even more people, and that can only be a good thing.

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