Polycade Arcade Cabinet mounts to a wall: Price, release date and more info revealed

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Arcade machines in the home have exploded in the last couple of years, mainly thanks to the 'Raspberry Pi' miniature computers.

Brands such as 'Arcade1UP' have been able to licence well-known IP and brand arcade machines with certain titles, from 'Street Fighter' to 'Killer Instinct'.

Nowadays, its much easier to have an arcade machine in your home, without buying an old one from eBay and refurbishing it, which is where 'Polycade' have come in.

They are offering arcade machines that can be mounted to a wall, thereby solving the issue of deciding how high you need a cabinet to be for someone's height.

What is a Polycade?

Its design is more reflective of a psudo-modern-1970's look; from the logo to its angular design.

It comes with a 27" display at 1920x1080, with the following specifications:

  • AMD Ryzen 3200G CPU
  • 240GB SSD (for the Lite, 1TB HDD for other models)
  • 8GB RAM
  • Integrated Radeon Vega 8 GPU

Even though its an integrated GPU, the hardware will be more than enough for games that render up to the PlayStation 1 era.

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Is it Available Now?

Yes and no. There are three variants of the Polycade:

  • Polycade Lite - $1,599
  • Polycade Lux - $3,999
  • Polycade Squadcade - $4,299

While the 'Lux' is available to order now, the others are on a pre-order, mainly due to their 'IndieGoGo' campaign concluding at the end of December last year.

If you want to order the Lux, simply click here and head over to the official website.

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Details of the Polycade line.

It also has its own 'Polycade Software', a frontend where you can easily load of a variety of games for the Polycade.

It looks as though they're still trying to sort the amount of orders and donations they received since last month, with £124,880 raised.

However, they do ship worldwide, so if you like the look of the Polycade, you can pre-order one and see just how well it fits in your home.

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