Pokemon GO revenue is at an all-time low and its hard to feel bad about that

pokemon go revenue pokemon flying above a beach

pokemon go revenue pokemon flying above a beach

Do you know that Pokemon GO came out in the summer of 2016? That's almost eight years ago, and that's a scary thought. Despite that, the mobile game has been going strong since, that is until now.

According to the list of top-grossing mobile games in April (compiled by MobileGamer), Pokemon GO has just had its worst month on since February 2018. The game accrued just $34.7 million over the entire month, and while that might sound like an astonishing amount, it's almost half of the roughly $58 billion Pokemon GO made in February 2023.

The cause for this? Fans anger at Pokemon GO's creator, Niantic. The Japanese company has caused lots of controversy in the trainer community in recent months, announcing price hikes for in-game items and prioritising paid players at events.

This has caused outrage, and even spurred 17,000 trainers to crash an event in Las Vegas, overloading the event's internet and ruining raids for those with tickets to the Hoenn event.

Players have also been taking to social media to make their price-increase protest known to Niantic. The company, however, has defended the increased costs as crucial to keeping the game viable in the long term.

With things spiralling downwards for the Pokemon GO community, how long does the app have left before it's sunsetted for more profitable Niantic ventures?

Either way, it's hard to feel bad about Niantic's drop in revenue after the anti-player decisions they've made that have taken Pokemon GO in a

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