PlayStation Portal release date - when will the handheld be released?

PlayStation Portal release date - An image of the PS Portal
Credit: Sony

PlayStation Portal release date - An image of the PS Portal
Credit: Sony

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If you're a proud owner of a PS5 and have your sights set on the upcoming portable console, you might be curious about the PlayStation Portal release date.

While some early leaks have described PlayStation Portal as a "boring Android tablet clone," a closer look at its features and design suggests a blend of innovation and the familiar PlayStation experience.

In this short guide, we'll uncover the highly anticipated release date of the PlayStation Portal, so you can gain a clear perspective on when to expect this exciting addition to the gaming world.

PlayStation Portal release date

Sony has recently confirmed the date. The release date for the PlayStation Portal is going to be on November 15, 2023.

Sony intends to release the Pulse Explore wireless earbuds and a new Pulse Elite wireless headset alongside the PlayStation Portal. These accessories complement the remote play device, catering to users looking for enhanced audio options.

The PlayStation Portal is priced at $199.99, and preorders are yet to begin. We hope that potential buyers will have the option of pre-ordering the handheld device from the PlayStation Direct store in the next few weeks.

PlayStation Portal features

PlayStation Portal
Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback
Bluetooth Connectivity

Visually, the PlayStation Portal looks like a tablet wedged between two halves of a DualSense controller. The Sony handheld device features an 8-inch LCD screen that can deliver 1080p resolution at 60fps.

The PlayStation Portal features adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, creating immersive sensations like you're right inside the game. These responsive features add a new level of touch to your gaming experience, making actions feel more lifelike and engaging.

Functionality-wise, the PlayStation Portal isn't the new PSP fans were hoping for. It serves as a remote player. It can't play apps or games by itself and doesn’t support cloud gaming. The PS Portal needs a PS5 and a WiFi connection to work.

PlayStation Portal doesn't have Bluetooth connectivity

A notable limitation of the PlayStation Portal is its absence of Bluetooth connectivity, which means wireless headphones or Sony's Pulse 3D headset won't be compatible. Rather, it employs the PlayStation Link wireless technology - a new proprietary standard.

Sony's choice to not include Bluetooth can be seen as a clever way to make people interested in buying their new wireless headsets and Earbuds that work with PlayStation Link.

It's a smart plan to boost hardware sales and amplify its revenue streams. Unfortunately, it will leave all Bluetooth headphone owners in the dust.

And that covers everything we know about the PlayStation Portal and its release date. Rest assured, we'll keep you informed and up-to-date by promptly updating this article as soon as an official release date is unveiled.

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