PlayStation Indies explained: What is PlayStation Indies, and was does it mean for PS Now and indie games as the PS5 approaches?

Sony has announced PlayStation Indies, a brand new project which could have exciting ramifications as the PS5 launch nears.

Announced in an official PlayStation blog post attributed to Sony's Shuhei Yoshida, PlayStation Indies is described as an "initiative" that will help indie developers produce their new games.

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Keep reading to learn more about PlayStation Indies and what it could mean for the PS5 and the future of gaming...

What is PlayStation Indies?

"I’m pleased to formally announce the PlayStation Indies initiative," said Shuhei Yoshida in the aforementioned blog. But what actually is PlayStation Indies?

The blog described it like so: "With PlayStation Indies, we hope to spotlight and support the best of the best indie games being published on PlayStation and the entire indie community as a whole. Our goal is to make PlayStation the best place to develop, find, and play great indie games."

Basically, it sounds like PlayStation Indies is a project within Sony that will see the tech giant helping indie developers to get their games made. A bit like ID@Xbox, which serves a similar purpose at Microsoft.

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PlayStation Indies + PS Now = indie games for all!

Sony adds: "While details are still forthcoming, we are also happy to confirm a new indie title will join the PlayStation Now service every month, starting with Hello Neighbor in July. Please look out for our monthly PS Now posts for more information!"

This is certainly a major boost for the PS Now subscription service, which should hopefully become a bit more tempting with all these indie games coming!

We've already spoken about how PS Now could do with a rejig with the PS5 on the way, and an influx of hot indie games is certainly one way to do that. Here's looking forward to a PS5 experience that is stuffed with indie goodness!

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