PGA Tour 2K23 crashing: How to fix crashing issues on PC, Xbox, PS4 and PS5

PGA Tour 2K23 crashing: How to fix crashing issues on PC, Xbox, PS4 and PS5

PGA Tour 2K23 crashing: How to fix crashing issues on PC, Xbox, PS4 and PS5

If you are experiencing PGA Tour 2K23 crashing issues, you are not alone.

PGA Tour 2K23, the latest title in the best-selling PGA TOUR 2K series, has been released, and it is already causing issues for a lot of players. While PGA Tour 2K23 is not downloading for some, many others are encountering crashing issues with the game.

If you fall victim to PGA Tour 2K23 crashing, we have some tips to help you fix the issue. Let's jump into it!

How to fix PGA Tour 2K23 crashing

You are only one shot away from winning the tournament and you're sure you can do it. But then, out of nowhere, your game just crashes. Ahh, what a nightmare! Well, the good news is that you can easily fix the game with some tweaking.

Whether PGA Tour 2K23 crashes for you at the start or during gameplay, here are some simple tricks to get the game up and running once again.

If you are on a PC

  • First, make sure your OS and graphics drivers are fully updated. Outdated drivers and incompatible OS can cause graphical glitches and crashes. Also, make sure your system meets the system requirements to run PGA Tour 2K23.
  • If your system barely meets the specs for the game, then having lots of other memory-hungry programs running in the background will increase the risk of PGA Tour 2K23 crashing. So, close everything else down via Task Manager to reduce the risk of this happening.
  • Try lowering the in-game graphics settings. Start by setting everything to low and then increase the settings until you run into stuttering, lag or crashing issues. Just experiment with them to find the right balance for your device.
  • Verify the integrity of the game files via Steam to make sure the files aren't corrupted.
  • You can try uninstalling and reinstalling the game as a nuclear option.
PGA Tour 2K23 crashing: How to fix crashing issues
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If you are on Xbox, PS4 or PS5

  • Remove any connected device or additional USB's from the console then restart the console and see if it solves the issue. These peripherals can conflict with games which can lead to performance issues.
  • Clear up room on your hard drive if it's close to being full.
  • Install the game on your internal hardware.
  • Power cycle your console.
  • Your last resort is to uninstall and reinstall the game, in case the game files are corrupted.

Hopefully, one of the suggestions we have listed will help you to fix the issue. If not, you may want to contact the support team. It is likely that the issue is caused by a bug or glitch in the game code, and if so, only the devs will be able to fix it.

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What causes PGA Tour 2K23 to crash?

PGA Tour 2K23 crashes could be caused by a variety of factors. While outdated graphics drivers or OS can cause PGA Tour 2K23 to crash on PC, corrupted game files or conflict between peripherals and the game could be the reason it is crashing on consoles.

But, if both console and PC gamers are experiencing the same problem, it is likely that a bug in the game code is to blame. The game is known for having numerous issues such as the connection error, and the HB-RS error, so it is not uncommon for the title to be plagued with problems.

Since it is a new game, bugs and issues are bound to happen. But over time, with your feedback and bug reports, the devs will fix the issues and improve the game. So, you have nothing to worry about.

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