Overwatch 2 account merge queue resetting: how to fix the account merge queue resetting problem

Baptiste - Overwatch 2 account merge queue resetting
Credit: Blizzard

Baptiste - Overwatch 2 account merge queue resetting
Credit: Blizzard

If you've been trying to resolve the Overwatch 2 heroes locked issue, then you may have been thwarted by the Overwatch 2 account merge queue resetting problem.

The two issues are somewhat interlinked, creating a catch-22: you can't quickly unlock those heroes without merging your accounts. But you can't merge your accounts if you are encountering the queue resetting issue.

We're here to explain what's happening, and what your options are if this is the situation in which you find yourself.

How to fix the Overwatch 2 account merge queue resetting error

We'll cut to the chase on this - there is nothing you can actually do if you find yourself on the receiving end of this issue, other than wait. The issue is at the server end of things, which means you ahve no control over it.

The hope is that if you do get booted to the back of the queue, the account merge may still happen within 48 hours or so. Which is far from ideal, but perhaps still better than nothing.

For what it's worth, Overwatch 2 has been blighted by problems since its launch as a free-to-play game. Blizzard has produced a thread of known issues which they regularly update. It's a good place to check for any planned server outages, which may be a contributory factor to this issue.

In the meantime, waiting for Blizzard to get their servers working properly, is just about as much as you can do. If you really want, you can contact Blizzard Support, to see if they can assist. But they are almost certainly drowning in support tickets, so there's no guarantee that they will be able to help.

Alternatively, the official @PlayOverwatch Twitter account will also keep you abreast of any updates or fixes from the developers.

What is the Overwatch 2 account merge queue resetting issue?

The queue resetting issue really only applies to veteran players of the original Overwatch, who are trying to merge their accounts. Players will do this in order to retain things like stats and cosmetics from the original game, as well as have all heroes unlocked, instead of having to go through the beginners journey.

Instead of this being a simple process though, the queue resetting error means that players are waiting indefinitely to complete the account merge.

As we mentioned above, this is an issue at the server end of things, and just compounds many of the other issues that Overwatch 2 players have been confronted with, since the game launched.

We can but hope that Blizzard will resolve this issue soon. It's likely that as traffic on the servers begins to stabilise, errors such as this will start to disappear, as servers will be better able to handle the volume of people online at any given time. When that might be is anyone's guess though.

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