OPINION: Now Is The Perfect Time To Resurrect ClayFighter

There are plenty of old games that deserve to be resurrected on a modern-day platform.

In fact, any of the games we miss from our younger days being announced for either PS5 or Xbox Series X would probably set that console as a necessary purchase for us.

Well, for some people that game is ClayFighter, a game that had a couple of entries but hasn't seen a new entry this millennium.

If you've not heard of ClayFighter, then let us break it down for you.

What is ClayFighter?

ClayFighter is a fighting series that started in 1993 and ended in 1998. It featured clay-based characters that fought off against each other Street Fighter style.

Alongside the gameplay itself, much of which was heavily slapstick, it featured an incredibly unique art style. This was done by making actual clay models and then digitising photographs of them.

The result of those two factors made for one of the most interesting fighting games around. With players using "goojitsu", snowballs, and even a parody of Elvis to fight against each other.

It was both fun and funny, and the fact that there hasn't been one in so long is a crime.

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Will there be another ClayFighter?

There have been announcements of new games though, in both 2009 and 2015 new ClayFighter games were announced, but neither of them ever amounted to anything.

The series, it seems, is dead then. Well, in July 2020 Megalopolis Toys announced that they would be making toys from the series. While this doesn't guarantee a game will materialise, it could be the first step towards a revival.

A modern-day ClayFighter game probably wouldn't look all that different to the classic ones. The style has aged fairly well, meaning that it would just be a general improvement rather than a complete overhaul.

Fighting games have come a long way in the last 22 years as well, which could mean plenty of new mechanics like tag battles or even an arena battle system. We can dream.

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