Official Resident Evil: Village VR support won’t be PlayStation exclusive after all

After the success of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 7 VR, Sony making Resident Evil Village a PSVR 2 exclusive makes sense. However, there are hints that this won’t be a PlayStation exclusive for long as dataminers dig up some fairly interesting information.

PlayStation isn’t new to these temporary exclusive deals, with Deathloop and Final Fantasy VII Remake being obvious examples of this. Still, companies will do whatever they can to drive interest in their new products, especially something as pricey as the PSVR 2.

With the PSVR 2 coming out soon, Sony paying Capcom to make Resident Evil Village VR a temporary exclusive is just good business. Due to VR products being an expensive niche, it also makes sense that it won’t be a PlayStation exclusive for long.

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On Reddit, a dataminer was able to dig through the files of Resident Evil Village after a recent update that will add PSVR 2 support. The files reveal that the VR game has been tested with other VR devices, like the Oculus, teasing a possible release there down the line.

It can be argued that Capcom using other VR devices for the game can be for testing purposes but that’s not likely. Expect to see Resident Evil Village VR hit other devices in the next year or even the coming months, depending on the exclusivity deal.

Fans of the legendary studio know that Capcom will rarely make console exclusives that last forever. Resident Evil 4 is infamous for being a Gamecube exclusive that’s now available on any and every gaming platform available. Even modern titles like Dead Rising 4 don’t stay Xbox exclusive for long, eventually coming to the PS4, though it’s worth noting that Dead Rising 3 is still an Xbox One exclusive as of this writing.

PSVR 2 will be coming out next year, on February 22, 2023. Resident Evil Village is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, and PC, with third-person mode DLC recently making its way to the game.

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