Oculus Quest 2 Bluetooth Headphones - How To Connect Headphones To Oculus Quest 2 2022

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Oculus Quest 2 Bluetooth Headphones: Does Oculus Quest 2 Support Bluetooth Headphones And How To Connect Headphones To Oculus Quest 2

"Does Oculus Quest 2 support Bluetooth headphones?" seems to be the question that every Oculus Quest 2 owner is asking now.

While the Oculus Quest 2 has an inbuilt audio system, is it possible to use headphones? There are times when this might come in handy. Playing a game when you don't want other people to be disturbed, or maybe watching a movie in bed, for example.

We'll answer the Bluetooth headphone question, and let you know what Oculus says about using headphones as well. Here's what we know about Oculus Quest 2 Bluetooth headphone support.

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On Oculus Quest 2?

Officially, Oculus makes no mention of compatibility with Bluetooth headphones. On their support pages, Oculus state the following:

Quest 2 supports both 3.5mm headphones, as well as USB-C headphones.

So, while they acknowledge support for wired headphones, they make absolutely no mention of Bluetooth compatibility. In fact, it was only on July 20th, 2021 that Oculus officially made USB-C headphones compatible with the Quest 2.

However, even though Bluetooth headphones aren't 'officially' supported, there may be a way that players can still connect them to their headsets. Thanks to the Experimental Features that Oculus offers.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Oculus Quest 2

Enabling Experimental Features on your Quest 2 headset will allow you to pair your headset via Bluetooth. And yes, you can connect your AirPods to Oculus Quest 2 as well. Follow these steps:

  • From your Quest 2, open the Settings menu
  • Select Experimental Features
  • Turn on your headphones and make sure they are detectable, then press the Pair button next to Bluetooth Pairing
  • Select your headphones from the list of available devices, and you should be good to go

There you have it! This way you can connect your AirPods to Oculus Quest 2.

It's worth pointing out that this isn't something that's officially supported by Quest 2 at this moment. So, there may be issues with lag and the audio being out of sync with what's happening on-screen. This seems to be more of an issue with games than with apps such as Netflix.

If using Bluetooth headphones is something you are really keen to try, then there is no harm in doing so. It won't void your Oculus Quest warranty or break your VR headset. Just be prepared not to be too disappointed if the experience isn't everything you expected.


We'll have to wait and see if Oculus will introduce this functionality in the future, and the jury is still out as to whether the Meta Quest 3 will support Bluetooth either.

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