Nvidia GeForce Now price is getting doubled but Founders still save

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Nvidia GeForce Now is getting a substantial price hike for new customers. After almost a year of lower limited-time subscription prices, the video game streaming service is about to get a lot more expensive.

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Announced through an Nvidia blog post, new customers will have a much higher price to pay for video game streaming. However, this increased price doesn't come without benefits.


How much is Nvidia GeForce Now?

At the time of writing, Nvidia GeForce Now has two options. Firstly, there's the free version that gives players access to a mid-range PC for an hour's playtime. Lastly, there's the paid version with access to ray-tracing and DLSS with no time limit.

Before today, the paid option was priced at just $4.99. This was always going to be a limited price point. Much like early versions of Nvidia GPUs, this was a Founders membership.

Nvidia will now be replacing the Founders subscription with a Priority membership. This new tier will cost $9.99, double the price of the original. There will also be a $99.99 annual subscription to save a few dollars for recurring subscribers.


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What will happen to my Founders subscription?

Those who have already subscribed to Nvidia GeForce Now as a Founder will benefit from the previous price forever. Nvidia's current "10 million members" of the Founders tier will be able to continually pay the original $4.99 for the service.

However, Nvidia states that this price will only be absolutely to Founders who keep their membership going. Anyone who cancels their Founders sub will have to pay the Priority fee in the future.


"GeForce Now wouldn’t be what it is today without our Founders members," Nvidia said. "That’s why we’re adding the Founders for Life benefit, which continues the special $4.99 introductory rate as long the account is in good standing."

New GeForce Now features

Nvidia has announced some new features that are in the works for GeForce Now. Alongside a larger game library for gamers, Nvidia will be introducing adaptive vsync and cross platform support in the future.

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