Nintendo Switch gets Hitman 3 and Control through the magic of the cloud

Nintendo like to drop ba-bombs during their Direct events, and today's was no different, announcing both Control and Hitman 3 coming to the Switch, but in the cloud.

There was a similar offering two years ago with Capcom offering Resident Evil VII through a cloud service, but only in Japan.

But here, both games will be available worldwide.

With that, here's some more details as to when you will be able to play Hitman 3 and Control on your Switch.

Control Available Now

This is Remedy Games' first title to come to Nintendo Switch, where you can go to the eShop and download a launcher, which will enable you to play a trial of the game.

After the trial period ends, you will be prompted to buy an 'Access Pass' to play the whole game. It also includes the two expansions; 'The Foundation' and 'AWE', free of charge in this Ultimate Edition.

The prices vary on each eShop, but as long as you have an active internet connection, you will be able to play Control with next to no issues, depending on the latency.

Hitman 3 by IO Interactive has also been announced, coming early next year as the video from below shows.

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What This Could Mean for Cloud Games

This inevitably raises the question for games going forward for the system. It's common knowledge that it would have been quite the challenge to have Control and any Hitman game run effectively on the Switch.

Microsoft have already shown that xCloud works well, and you only need to load the app up on your Android phone and play Halo.

But with rumours of a 'Switch Pro' next year, a device with 5G built in to run these cloud games isn't out the realms of possibility now. Could we see other games such as COD: Warzone, or even Cyberpunk to the Switch in cloud form.

There's plenty to take away from today's news, but already Hitman and Control fans are looking forward to playing these games on their Switch, wherever they are with a stable internet connection.

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