Nintendo Switch Pro graphics: are 4K visuals needed for the Super Switch?

With all of this talk about the PS5 and Xbox Series X, you'd be forgiven for forgetting about the Nintendo Switch Pro that fans have been hoping for.

As it stands, the Switch already lags behind the PS4 and Xbox One in some very noticeable ways, so the fact that we're coming up on even more powerful hardware will mean that the Switch falls even further behind.

This could well mean we hear more about the rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro, or the Super Switch, as it has been dubbed. The 'Switch 2' is another popular name among fans.

The key thing to keep in mind here is the abilities of the Switch Pro, and how it needs to build on the current model.

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Will the Nintendo Switch Pro have 4K graphics?

Will the Nintendo Switch Pro have an SSD, or will the Nintendo Switch Pro be able to do 4K?

These kinds of questions are ones that we don't have answers to at the moment, but it's logical to assume that Nintendo will do what they can to make sure that fans are happy, while no doubt holding onto their core beliefs that you can do a lot with older technology.

So, yeah, the Super Switch could have 4K, but will it really need it?

Are graphics actually that important for Nintendo?
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Are graphics actually that important for Nintendo?

Nintendo is never really trying to compete with Sony or Microsoft; it doesn't really need to either.

Instead, Nintendo occupies a somewhat uncontested part of the market that means that many people tend to own a Switch and either a PS4 or an Xbox One.

This will no doubt continue to be true with the PS5 and Xbox Series X as well; most people will have one or the other, and then a Nintendo Switch Pro to play the Nintendo exclusives.

It's all about knowing your target audience, and Nintendo never (forget the Wii U) fails to do that.

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Does the Nintendo Switch Pro actually need 4K?

All of this is especially true with 4K because so many of us don't even own TVs that can support it anyway. And we haven't even had a chance to try 8K yet.

While the technology is definitely getting cheaper, it's still very hard to justify the extra cost required to get 4K on the Switch Pro. Then there's the fact that 8K exists and is already ready to pounce on 4K and show its dominance.

The speed at which tech moves means we could well see a Switch with 4K, but it's unlikely to happen any time soon, and it's even less likely to be at all necessary as things progress.

Sure, 4K on a handheld would be great, but Breath Of The Wild looks stunning anyway, doesn't it?

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