Can you play multiplayer on Nintendo Switch Lite? Is Switch Lite splitscreen?

switch lite

switch lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the smaller, lighter, more portable version of the original Switch. As a result, some of the features of the Switch, such as a docking station, are not compatible with the Switch Lite. So with that in mind, can you still play multiplayer on Switch Lite?

We know the Switch Lite was designed specifically for hand-held gaming, but does that mean that you can't play with friends on it? We'll take a look and let you know whether the Switch Lite supports multiplayer games and whether it has a split-screen function as well.

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Can You Play Multiplayer on Switch Lite?

One of the big selling points on the Switch was just how social it made gameplay. It was so easy for groups of people to come together and play games, either collaboratively or competitively. So is the same true for the Switch Lite? This console was designed to be a handheld gaming device, which historically has been very much the preserve of single-player games.

The great news is that you can play multiplayer on Nintendo Switch Lite, provided the game itself is compatible with hand-held mode.

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Even in this scenario, you can wirelessly connect compatible controllers to your Switch Lite. But in terms of multiplayer itself, the Switch Lite can be linked to up to eight other Switch or Switch Lite consoles, to play multiplayer games anywhere. You can also sign up for a Nintendo Switch Online membership, to play against others online.

So there is no issue with playing multiplayer on Nintendo Switch Lite, when everyone else has their own console. But what about if you want to play multiplayer, but only have one Switch Lite to use?

Can You Use Splitscreen on the Switch Lite?

Well, according to Nintendo's own website:

You can play together online or in the same room using one system or multiple systems

This isn't especially clear, so let's clarify. The Switch Lite won't go into tabletop mode or TV mode, which means that you are relying upon a 5.5" screen for two players or more to use. But, in theory, this is possible.

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We already know we can connect Joy-Con controllers to the Switch Lite. So by connecting Joy-Con controllers, it is possible to play multiplayer using just the screen on one Switch Lite. In addition, you can play using split-screen on one Switch Lite. So for a game like Mario Kart, where a split-screen is essential, players can go head-to-head. You just need to connect multiple Joy-Con controllers, and your Switch Lite will do the rest.

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