Nintendo Switch customisation program explained: what is it?

You might have heard of a little console called the Nintendo Switch. It released a little over three years ago, and it has allowed for a lot of gaming to take place on the go.

One thing you haven't been able to do is customising your Switch before your order it, but that's about to change with the Nintendo Switch Customisation Program.

Nintendo has just launched this new program for its main console, and it allows you to pick and choose the colours you want for your Nintendo Switch.

That's good news for those who like to try and purchase every conceivable colour of Joy-Con available. Or is it bad news? Let's investigate...

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Nintendo Switch customisation program explained

Through the Nintendo Switch customisation service, you can choose from 10 different colour options for both the Joy-Con controllers and the straps they come with.

You can even add in the Nintendo Switch Online service, games, and a few other bits and bobs. It's a good way to build your very own bundle, but not necessarily the cheapest way to do so.

There is one small drawback though, at least for an awful lot of the world. At the moment, the service is only available in Japan, which means that a lot of us are still stuck with trying to import funky new colours, instead of just being able to buy them.

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Which colours will you choose?
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Which colours will you choose?

Nintendo Switch customisation program UK launch date

There's a chance we'll see the service migrate to other parts of the world of course, but there's no telling when that will happen or even which countries would get it.

It's the kind of thing that those of us in the EU and the US get to be intensely jealous of, and not just because people can seemingly buy a Switch in Japan at the moment (which isn't that easy in the UK).

It's kind of strange that this program wasn't announced sooner, given how long the Switch has been out.

It could be that they're just trying to boost sales, but it might also be that Nintendo is testing the waters of this function for something big that's coming up.

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Maybe that means we'll be privy to a big reveal in the coming months, hell, maybe even the fabled Nintendo Switch Pro will be revealed.

It's all good and well making your Switch look nice, but it'd be even better if you could choose to add an SSD or 4k capabilities to the hybrid consoles well, although that's probably asking a bit much.

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