Nintendo Switch 2 - release date speculation, specs rumours, price and more

Nintendo Switch 2 - release date speculation, specs rumours and more

A potential Nintendo Switch 2 is around the corner. We have waited long enough, so read on to find out what we know about it.

The Nintendo Switch, released in 2017, has taken the gaming world by storm, offering players the ability to seamlessly transition from playing on their TV to playing on the go. Now, rumours are swirling about the release of its successor, the Nintendo Switch 2.

While details are currently scarce, the potential for the Nintendo Switch 2 to improve upon its predecessor has the gaming community buzzing. This article will explore what we know so far about the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2.

Nintendo Switch 2 release date speculation

While there haven't been any official announcements about the release date, recent leaks suggest that Nintendo Switch 2 will release in 2024 as the original reaches sunset.

The lack of Nintendo Switch exclusives could indicate that the company is focusing on developing the next iteration of the Nintendo Switch. It is a common practice for console manufacturers to stop releasing new titles for a console that is nearing its end of life.

Nintendo Switch 2 specs

There are some interesting rumors about its specs. The console will have 12GB of RAM, plus 512 GB of storage and a slightly bigger screen than the previous generation. The screen should be a normal LED of around 720p, so apparently not an OLED.

The CPU will allegedly be 8 ARM A78C cores, along with a GPU with 1536 Ampere CUDA cores, plus a 128-bit memory interface.

The console will feature hardware-accelerated ray-tracing, along with DLSS support. It is looking likely that the Switch will definitely be quite more powerful than previous Nintendo consoles.

Switch always had problems with stick drifting in its joypads, that is something that Nintendo wants to address. They are working on a "smart fluid" patent which should definitely solve these problems for good, hopefully.

Nintendo Switch's battery life is another area that needs improvement. The battery life of the Switch ranges from 2.5 hours to 6.5 hours depending on usage and can be considered low compared to other portable gaming devices like Steam Deck.

We can hope that Nintendo will address these issues in Nintendo Switch 2. With the potential for improved hardware, we can expect a more immersive gaming experience with visually stunning images, improved frame rates and more detailed graphics.

Nintendo Switch 2 games at launch

We don't have a lot of news on possible Switch 2 games, but we do have a possible confirmation. Final Fantasy 7 remake will launch on the Switch 2, allegedly. Square is definitely going to support the newest Nintendo console, and we are sure that there'll be other companies too.

Nintendo Switch 2 price speculation

The original Nintendo Switch retails for $259.99 / £259.99, while the newer Nintendo Switch OLED costs $349.99 / £309.99.

As the Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to feature significantly improved hardware, a better display, and longer battery life, the price is likely to be much higher than that of the original.

The prices of its competitors can have an impact on the price of the new Nintendo Switch 2. Nintendo Switch's competitors PS5 and Xbox Series X sell for $499.99 / £479.99 and $499 / £449 respectively.

So our speculation is that the asking price for the Nintendo Switch 2 will be around $399.99 / £399.99.

Nintendo Switch 2 speculations recap

  • Nintendo Switch 2 predicted release date: Fall or Winter 2024
  • Nintendo Switch 2 specs: 12GB RAM | DLSS Support | 512 GB of storage | longer battery life
  • Nintendo Switch 2 speculated price: approximately $399.99 / £399.99

And that covers everything about the potential Nintendo Switch 2. We will update you with the exact Nintendo Switch 2 release date once we have it. In the meantime, check out the news on other handheld consoles such as Steam Deck 2 and ASUS Rog Ally.

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