Next Path Of Exile Update: Patch notes, release date and more info about patch 3.13.1c

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The well-regarded expansion to 'Path of Exile' is still being played relentlessly by its legion of fans, since its release last month.

Released way back in 2013, with subsequent versions released on the Xbox One in 2017, followed by a PlayStation 4 port in 2019, the game has gone from strength to strength.

With the sequel delayed due to 'COVID-19' reasons, players are instead staying in this game while the developers look at the recently released expansions, and an upcoming patch that looks to fix certain situations.

With that, lets look into what this latest patch contains, and when it should be out in the public domain.

What's in this Patch?

There's plenty to unpack here, with the team already releasing the patch notes for '3.13.1c'.

Looks like there's plenty of improvements to the 'Ritual League' here, such as:

  • The Monstrous Treasure prophecy can no longer activate in maps where Blood-filled Vessels are used.
  • Foul Ritual encounters will now only apply Toxic Vines if you stop moving during the Ritual encounter.
  • The Obtain Ritual Base Types challenge now requires you to exchange Tribute for 9 out of 27 Ritual Base Types.
  • Fixed a bug where Ritual Altars couldn't be interacted with if all of the monsters that spawned inside the Ritual Circle were killed outside of it.
  • Fixed a bug where Blight encounters sometimes couldn't be started if they were too close to a Ritual Altar.
  • Fixed a bug where certain monsters could remain stationary during Ritual encounters.
  • Fixed a bug where certain Conqueror-influenced monsters could be invisible during Ritual encounters.
  • Fixed a bug where certain Elder-influenced monsters could be immune to damage for a short period of time after being revived during a Ritual encounter.
  • Fixed a bug where the Estuary Map boss could become invisible after being revived during a Ritual encounter.
  • Fixed a bug where the Spider Lair Map boss could sometimes disappear if a Ritual encounter was completed near the boss.

There are also 'Crash Fixes' and 'General Improvements' that users in the forums have been speaking about, such as a crash when a Roc Sentinel Legion monster is used as a Spectre.

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When does the Patch release?

As the team only released these notes on the 8th February, they have stated that they are aiming to release this by the end of the week; the 12th February.

However, they have said that the notes published may change if something else appears that could have a knock-on effect to the game.

With the expansion rollout being positively received, it's certainly a refreshing change to see the team publish notes to a patch not released as yet.

However, if you don't see an update pushed through to your PC, PS4 or Xbox One version, make sure to check their site to see if the patch has been delayed.

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